Finding the Right Parkour Shop OnlineParkour Shop Online

It seems that everything is available on the web these days. However, as all smart consumers know, there are risks to internet shopping. When it comes to finding a good parkour shop online, it’s key to take advantage of the benefits, while avoiding the risks of shopping on the web. In choosing a company that you trust, it is important to understand all of your options ahead of time.

The Benefits of Parkour Shops Online

Affordable Prices

Due to the sheer size of parkour blocks, wedges and mats, parkour stores require a large space, which means a high monthly rent. Pair this with storage, shipping, heating, lighting, and employee compensation, and there is an even higher monthly overhead account for. Online parkour retailers are able to cut a lot of this overhead cost and forward the savings onto you.


Convenience is one of the several benefits to shopping for parkour gear online. A great advantage is having the ability to check out different brands and products from your phone or home computer. This allows you to compare prices, dimensions, materials, reviews, and return policies in just a few moments. Shopping online for parkour gear also allows you to share links and reach out to others in the parkour community who might be able to help you make the right choice.

Improved Accessibility

Parkour shops online give athletes access to the products they need and want, regardless of their geographic location. This increase in accessibility has helped create parkour communities that places that might not have seen the practice before the internet. Online parkour shops play an important role in reaching new audiences, especially those in rural areas, or locations with a limited parkour training scene. And the availability of online parkour retailers has made it easier and more affordable to create parkour training facilities just about anywhere.

The Risks of Parkour Gear Shopping Online

Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, it’s important to consider the risks when shopping online for parkour gear. First, the most obvious risk is that you can’t always be sure of the quality of the product you’ve purchased until it arrives. Imagine the disappointment you would feel if you were expecting a high quality, dense foam product with great stitching and durable material, only to have your gear arrive and not live up to those expectations. Furthermore, online parkour retailers can have excessively high shipping fees, because of the oversized nature of mats and blocks. Another issue is that you might need more direct information when it comes to selecting the right product. Without prior experience, it’s hard to know what size, shape, and amount of equipment is right for your particular needs. Fortunately, savvy shoppers can minimize these risks by choosing the right online parkour gear company.

Decreasing the Pitfalls of Buying Parkour Gear Online

Pick a Company with Great Customer Service

A good customer service representative will answer questions about the quality of their product and help you customize products that are appropriate for your needs. An experienced customer service team will answer phone calls or emails in a thorough, timely manner, be polite and friendly, and even pay attention to small details like spelling and grammar. They will be adept at resolving issues and questions, especially when in regards to issues concerning billing, shipping, and returns. Considering that your parkour gym setup is an investment to your health and skill development, you’ll want to work with a company that cares.

Choose a Company with Decent Shipping Rates

Parkour equipment such as wedges, blocks, mats, crash pads can often take up a lot of space. Frequently, these items can’t be delivered by the  US postal service. A good parkour online retailer will partner with a private delivery company to accommodate the unique needs required for shipping these large and bulky items in a timely and cost effective manner. A professional company will often offer a flat shipping rate, or provide a shipping rate calculator to help you plan for the costs. And depending on the size of your order and where it is to be delivered to, some online retailers may offer free shipping.

Return Policies

We’ve all been there. As with clothes, it is all too easy to purchase parkour gear that is the wrong size, quantity, or function. You can avoid getting stuck with parkour equipment that doesn’t fit your needs by choosing an online retailer that is happy to make exchanges and returns. It is possible to find a parkour equipment company that has a 30 day return policy to help make sure that customers have the right product for their gym or home parkour space.

Research Reviews & Blogs

When it comes to shopping online, knowledge is power. Consumers can educate themselves on available products by reading reviews, watching videos, and checking out forums. There are an increasing number of blogs and social media platforms popping up in the parkour world. Remember to digest reviews with a grain of salt. Learn to recognize which sources you can trust and which ones you cannot. And also keep in mind that you can always find active parkour communities online. These can be a great resource for choosing the right online parkour shops.

Design the Right Parkour Setup

Not sure if a tower wedge is what you need? Unsure which pressure or size mat to go with? Deciding between a mobile setup or a permanent features for your gym? These are the sort of things you need to decide before purchasing parkour gear online. A great way to streamline the decision process is to create a spreadsheet to track and compare options, dimensions, prices, colors and policies. It may seem unnecessary at first, but it will help you make the right choice based on your needs and budget. Plus, it will be a handy tool when it comes time to rearrange or build onto your existing parkour space setup; you’ll have an extensive list of researched products and reviews to choose from.

Weigh the risks and advantages of online shopping against your needs, budget, and timeline. Buying online can help save you money and time, but it is important to choose a company that features great customer service, knowledgeable staff, and positive reviews. Make sure to research all of your options in regards to shipping prices and logistics, and make it a point to contact any company to ask for more information before making a purchase.

The Key to Selecting Good Parkour Gear

Although parkour was originally intended to be practiced outdoors, the need for indoor parkour gear like mats, blocks, and towers, is rising. Indoor parkour gyms are cropping up all over the Good Parkour Gearcountry, allowing athletes to train year round. In many places around the country, the winter elements of ice and snow make outdoor parkour training impossible. Some of the best parkour athletes have been able to attain their skill level by taking their practice indoors during the colder, wetter seasons. In addition, the rise in popularity of parkour among kids has caused an increase in demand for indoor parkour gear. Children of all ages can be found vaulting, flipping, and leaping their way in parkour gyms nationwide. The sport of parkour is gaining a cult following online, spurring the need for indoor and home parkour setups. If you are ready to pick up some new equipment for your practice, check out these tips for selecting good parkour gear that will last.


Look for a variety of different size options. If you are building out an indoor gym for both kids and adult athletes, work with a company that stocks an appropriate selection of equipment sizes and shapes. Gyms that offer youth training should opt to purchase junior-sized parkour blocks that will be accessible for smaller athletes. Even for those only looking to set up courses for adults should consider purchasing equipment that can be set to a variety of heights. For example, look for towers and giant trapezoids that can rotate to provide multiple course options. This will give you the most “bang for your buck” when planning out an indoor gym.


Consider your pressurization needs. Old inflatable mats and crash pads are susceptible to leaks and often have insufficient filling systems. Newer parkour equipment benefits from more powerful and exact filling systems, allowing mats to be inflated and pressurized in minutes. Different athletes need equipment with varying degrees of pressure, and this advance in technology decreases setup time while improving safety. This newer technology allows athletes to customize their setup in no time.  Depending upon the size and type of athletes using the equipment, your mat might need to be pressurized differently. This will help ensure the right pressure to minimize injury upon impact. Make sure to research the appropriate pressure settings for your gym, or work with a company who can educate you.


Get to know the materials. When it comes to parkour equipment, your safety depends on the high quality foam, outer material, and stitching. The best parkour gear shops have decades of experience in crafting and testing their gear. Your local parkour shop will be able to answer any questions you have on quality testing procedures, including pressure testing and foam density minimums. If you want to save wear and tear on your joints and tendons, you want to use parkour blocks and towers that are made with high-density foam. The outer material of all blocks and mats should be made with a sturdy, woven fabric that is easy to clean and can hold up to kicks, grabs, and high pressure impacts. In addition, it is important for the seams of your parkour gear to be reinforced with technically-superior stitching which can be easily repaired with adhesives, in order to maximize the lifetime of the product.


Consider their shipping policies. Shipping parkour gear can be a bulky, troublesome process. Find a parkour equipment seller that will ship to you at a flat rate, or that provides a shipping rate calculator, to prevent any surprises when it comes to getting the gear to your door. Make sure to buy from a company who knows what they are doing when it comes to shipping timelines and policies. When you make a parkour equipment order, it is important for your products to be packaged properly, and delivered promptly, at a decent price.


Choose good customer service. Parkour equipment is often expensive. But not only are you paying for quality safety equipment, but you are paying for quality customer service. A good customer service department can help you with suggestions, create customized products, and help you troubleshoot your equipment once you have received it. It is important to pick a company that responds quickly to calls and emails, and that provides accessible repair guides for when you need to fix something fast.


Start with the basics. If it’s your first time creating a parkour space, consider building out your gym with these important components:





The demand for good parkour gear is increasing. When shopping for parkour equipment, look for a range of sizing options, good shipping rates, excellent customer service, and attention to quality. Most of all, have fun and get out there!

Parkour Gear Stores

Finding Good Parkour Gear Stores

Parkour has athletes all over the United States are running, jumping, vaulting, and flipping through the air. This high-energy sport is increasingly popular throughout the nation, driving a demand for more parkour gear stores. Since parkour is popular with kids and also in cold weather areas where it’s hard to practice outdoors year-round, parkour gear stores are cropping up to meet the need for indoor gyms. Indoor parkour gyms help athletes learn correct techniques, build strength, reduce injury, and keep in shape during the wetter, winter months. Kids also now benefit from the rise of parkour gear stores which provide a safe and supervised environment in which to learn the sport.

The Rise of Parkour – why good parkour gear stores are in greater demand around the country:




Finding a Good Parkour Gear Store

Now that you’re ready to start vaulting and leaping, you’ve got to find a good parkour gear store. Where to start? Here’s a few tips to help ensure that you pick reputable parkour gear supplier:

Explore their selection of products. The company should offer a range of sizes, pressure options, and colors for most of their equipment. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the company carries the appropriate selection of tools and accessories like pumps, rolls, and stabilizers to go along with your setup. A good parkour equipment store should also carry a range of basic products like mats, blocks, and wedges. A thorough and well-thought-out selection of products demonstrates that the company has a strong presence in and knowledge of the parkour world, and reflects a company that is able to meet a range of gym setup needs.

Pay attention to the quality of their customer service. Since parkour gear is an expensive and technically-complicated purchase, you should expect a the company to have a great customer service team on hand to help you select and order the right equipment. Feel free to call or email the company to get a sense of their staff. You’ll want to buy from a company that has knowledgeable and friendly employees that respond within a few days. Ask if they are able to information about the sizing and pressure guidelines that correlate to your needs. Also, check that their products come with at least a 2-year guarantee.

Research a store’s clientele. Often times, you can tell how good the gear is by taking a look at who shops there. Find a parkour gear store that sells to well-known gyms, athletes, and club groups. If possible, find a company that works directly with both gear manufacturers and parkour gyms. This will ensure that they are up to speed on the latest trends, technology, and have the best understanding of their customer’s needs. Parkour companies that work with professional athletes and performance groups are your best bet.

Be wary of low prices that are under market value. High quality parkour equipment is a worthwhile investment. Plan to spend a few hundred or thousand dollars for a home setup or indoor parkour gym outfit. It might be tempting to go with the lowest-priced options, but in the end the quality of the material, fabrication techniques, and customer support need to be weighed. Lower end products will ultimately degrade with use, requiring replacements over time. In addition, poorly made support equipment can even present a risk of injury.

Check out the company’s blog and social media accounts and select a parkour company that is powered by a passion for the sport, rather than solely by profit. Check if their website shows videos of their products in use, or if they showcase athletes in the parkour community. When possible, shop from a company that sponsors events and parkour athletes in your area. They’ll be offering products that reflect the needs of parkour athletes in your region. Since parkour is a community-oriented sport, buying from a parkour gear store that is involved in the scene will help ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date equipment and guidelines. A good parkour gear store will usually feature a project page that calls out various groups around the country that use their equipment.

A desire for new forms of exercise, the rise of social media, and increased accessibility nationwide have spurred the rise of parkour, and parkour gear stores. Before purchasing new parkour gear for your home setup or indoor gym, do your research. Shop with a company that has excellent customer service, offers a good warranty, works with parkour athletes, and features the parkour community on their social media presence. Investing in high-quality parkour equipment will help you improve your skills during the winter months, and also help you build the confidence and strength that you need once you take your art to the streets.